The Jonestown Massacre

The images coming from Jonestown in 1978 were ghastly. Bloating in the sweltering heat of  the South American sun lay the bodies of hundreds of people, the result of an apparent mass suicide. Some of the bodies had their arms linked around friends, as if they had gone to face the afterlife together. All were members of a religious cult called “The People’s Temple”. Allegedly, they had been convinced to drink cyanide-laced Kool-Aid… Continue reading The Jonestown Massacre

SARS-Was this deadly virus a government experiment gone wrong?

When Lia Jianlun, a 64-year-old medical professor from Guangdong Province in Southern China, made a trip to a relative’s wedding in Hong Kong in March 2003, he had no inkling that within a few weeks he would be dead. Or that he would be accused of being the angel of death responsible for the spread of the killer virus SARS. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome became the first pandemic of the 21st Century. A viral, pneumonia-like… Continue reading SARS-Was this deadly virus a government experiment gone wrong?